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Day in and day out, we defend people charged with crimes and help navigate a way through the stressful circumstances. From DUI cases to drug cases to assaults, and much more; we represent and vigorously defend the rights of our clients throughout the State of North Dakota. We value our clients and we fight for their freedom.

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Your emergency needs expert legal help. We have won criminal cases at all of the highest courts in this country. No other firm in North Dakota can say that.
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When you're dealing with a legal matter, you'll need to find an attorney quickly. You can call Herbel Law Firm when you need a:

If you need representation for a criminal case, Herbel Law Firm will stand by you. We will fight for a favorable outcome for your case with as little disruption to your life and future as possible. Discuss your situation with us today.

The importance of hiring an attorney

Getting charged with any criminal offense is a stressful situation, but there are certain steps you can take starting the moment you receive the news. If you find yourself facing charges:

  Don't panic - Even though things are complicated, try to keep a level head.
  Stay silent - Exercise your right to remain silent and don't say a word without an attorney present.
  Call an attorney - Get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible to ensure you have representation you can count on.

Once you're in contact with your drug defense, assault defense or DUI defense attorney, you can start dealing with the issues on your plate. Reach out to Herbel Law Firm now for representation.